Kung Fu Panda (kfp_rawr) wrote,
Kung Fu Panda

LJI 10 Week 15: Things I Love

Note from alycewilson: When KFP and I talked about this week's topic, "Patchwork Heart," we talked about how a heart is a symbol of love. He decided to do a heart with different patches symbolizing things he loves.

Listen to KFP read his entry!

A heart with words on different-colored sections, cut apart and glued back together.

This heart shows things I love. First, I wrote "Mommy." Then I wrote "Daddy." Because they are my parents. They take care of me. Next, I put on "Pet Luke." I put on Luke because he's my pet. Then I put on "Swimming." I put on swimming because I like swimming. Next, I put on "Building with LEGOs." I like building with LEGOs because they come in a lot of interesting shapes. Next, I put on "Playing Minecraft." I put on "Playing Minecraft" because I like playing Minecraft with my Daddy. That's also another reason I like my Daddy. Then I put on "Playing soccer." I like playing soccer, because it is fun. Then I put on "Playing Wii video games." I play Wii video games with my friends Sean and Ryan. Then I put on "Playing LEGO Star Wars the Video Game." I like playing LEGO Star Wars because it involves LEGOs, which is another reason why I like building with LEGOs. Last, I put on "My cousins." I put on my cousins because I like playing with them and getting to see them every once in a while. This says a lot about me.
Tags: family, games, lj idol, love, sports
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