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LJI 10 Week 12: Nearly Thrown Out!

A note from alycewilson: This is KFP's entry for Week 12 of LJ Idol. The topic was "Salt." We talked about it, and he decided to focus on salty snack foods.

Listen to KFP read his comic!

The title page says "Nearly Thrown Out!" in red and brown letters. A red hot dog in a brown bun, and a brown pretzel walk through a blackened room, which has a strip of red, yellow and green lights on the wall. They both look agitated.

Panel 1: The words say, "One day in the movie theater, Harry the Hot Dog and Peter the Pretzel played catch." A happy looking red hot dog inside a brown bun throws a fluffy white piece of popcorn, who has a face and legs, to a fat brown pretzel.

Panel 2: The words say, "Then people started coming in." In the foreground are a smiling man with brown hair and a blue shirt, and a smiling woman with long brown hair and a purple shirt, walking from left to right. Behind them is a tall counter topped by red and white striped popcorn containers. The white fluffy kernal flies into the air from somewhere behind the counter.

Panel 3: The words say, "'A movie is starting,' said Peter." The brown pretzel is no longer paying attention to the popcorn, who lands in the top of a popcorn container. The hot dog listens to the pretzel.

Panel 4: The words say, "So they went down the hall." The pretzel and hot dog, very small compared to the green and purple hallway, run down the hall, smiling.

Panel 5: The words say, "They went inside a movie room." The pretzel and hot dog have entered via a green door and run happily into a darkened room.

Panel 6: The words say, "They snuck down the aisles!" A view from the front of the theater shows the two smiling snack foods walking down the aisle past green chairs in the dark.

Panel 7: The words say, "Then they remembered that food on the floor gets thrown out." A thought bubble shows a pretzel on the grown next to a black trash can piled high with trash. An arrow from the pretzel to the trash pile shows where it would get thrown.

Panel 8: The words say, "'We don't want to be thrown out!' said Harry the Hot Dog." The hot dog is gesticulating wildly, and the pretzel has his mouth wide open is shock.

Panel 9: The words say, "Then they saw somebody." The hot dog and pretzel are dwarfed by a huge person in purple, red and green, stomping their way. Both have exclamation points over their heads.

Panel 10: The words say, "They ran." The two snacks are in motion, running past the huge moving human, looking agitated.

Panel 11: The words say, "Peter the Pretzel got an idea!" Peter the Pretzel, still running, has a thought bubble over his head containing a lightbulb, symbolizing an idea.

Panel 12: The words say, "They pretended to be in the movie. The End. AAAHHHHHH!" The hot dog and pretzel dance in front of the screen, with arrows beneath them showing they had jumped up onto the little stage in front of the screen.

Underneath the comic are sketches showing Peter the Pretzel next to a real pretzel and Harry the Hot Dog next to a real hot dog to show "What they're really supposed to look like."

As always, the words and pictures are by KFP and the descriptions are by his mommy, alycewilson.

ETA: This week's voting link can be found here: http://alycewilson.livejournal.com/674252.html. Remember, if you don't have a LiveJournal account, you can still vote by clicking on the "login" button at the top of the page and logging in with either your Facebook or Twitter account.
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