Kung Fu Panda (kfp_rawr) wrote,
Kung Fu Panda

LJI 10 Week 10: A One-Square-Foot Hike

A note from alycewilson: KFP and I talked about this week's topic for LJ Idol, "Take a Hike," and he decided to do something on the one-foot hike he had to do as a requirement to receive his Backyard Jungle belt loop in Cub Scouts. As always, you can click on the images to see a larger size.

Listen to KFP read his entry!

A one-foot hike is looking at things you see in a square foot. I also did it with my Pappy. It was surprising that there were eight things in that one square foot. Now to tell you the things.

There was...

Each item listed below is accompanied by a drawing, in pencil, by KFP.
He also included a drawing of a one-foot-square space marked off with rope.

* water on a leaf,

* worm leavings,

* a twig,

* dirt,

* mold on a leaf,

* a curled-up leaf,

* grass,

* and a piece of wood.

I learned that there is a lot of stuff in just one square foot.

P.S. from alycewilson: KFP's entry inspired my entry this week.

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Tags: cub scouts, lj idol, nature
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