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LCI Week 4: Jason and Jeffrey Being Bad

A note from alycewilson: This week's topic on Last Chance Idol was "Hair Shirt." I explained to KFP that a hair shirt is made from hair and is used to irritate someone's skin. We also talked about the meaning of a "hair shirt" being someone or something who irritates someone. Here's the resulting story he dictated to me, along with his illustration. It stars one of his favorite cartoon characters, Caillou, a Canadian boy who's 4, just like KFP.

A giant strawberry ice-cream cone atop a house with the word "BOINK!"

Once in the day, there lived two boys named Jason and Jeffrey. And they had a plan. They were going to irritate someone. Jeffrey had an idea. They were going to imitate Caillou. And then Jason had a plan. They were going to put a hair shirt on Caillou and take that shirt off. And then Caillou would notice. He would be cold. And then they would put his yellow shirt back on.

And then Jason and Jeffrey would say, "Oh, no, our plan didn't work. We should get the yellow shirt off Caillou fast before he tells his Mommy and Daddy."

And then they took his yellow shirt off fast and ran to the hair shirt fast. Then they ran quickly to Caillou's house fast. But they noticed Caillou's yellow shirt was not on. And then Caillou said, "Hey, what happened to my shirt?"

Jason and Jeffrey noticed something. They had a different plan. They were going to get the hair shirt off Caillou and then put the yellow shirt back on him. And then they were gone. And Caillou said, "Hmm. They must be not here. Well, OK, then. Maybe I should play with my toys."

And then Jason and Jeffrey were back, and when they got back to Caillou's house, they noticed something. Caillou was gone. They were getting new shoes. And Jason and Jeffrey just had a hair hat. And Jeffrey just had a hair hat. And Jason thought a better idea, instead of the hair hat, they were going to put a whole bunch of toilet paper around Caillou. And then they know they shouldn't put it on before they get back. And then they go away with their plan.

And then Caillou said, "That's funny," when he got back from the shoe store.

"Well," said Caillou's mom. "Maybe you should go draw."

"OK," said Caillou. And then Caillou started to draw. Then Caillou heard a sound. It was Jason and Jeffrey being a ghost. And then Caillou said, "Aaa! Watch out!" And then Jason and Jeffrey was doing the loudest roar ever. And then Caillou ran into the house, and then Caillou ran to his room, then pulled up the covers.

"Jason! Jeffrey!" said Caillou. "You shouldn't do that. Some people don't like being scared."

"Cats like being scared," said Jeffrey.

"No," said Caillou. "Cats don't like being scared."

"What do you say?" said Jason.

Caillou repeated what he said. "Cats don't like being scared."

"Oh, that's what you said," said Jason.

Then they had a different plan. They were going to put the hair hat on Caillou instead of scaring Caillou. They decided to put the hair hat on. And then when they came back, they noticed something. Caillou wasn't there. And then they just got his cap out of his room and put it under the bed. And then they would put the hair hat in his hat drawer. And then they went away into the kitchen, hiding under the kitchen table until Caillou would come back.

They heard a sound. The front door. Caillou's front door. And then they closed their eyes quick. And then Caillou said, "That's funny. Maybe I should put my cap on, and maybe we should go out." Then he noticed something. His cap was gone. And the hair hat was on him!

"Oh, no," said Mommy. "What happened?"

"It was nothing," said Caillou. "Jason and Jeffrey are just going home."

Jason asked Jeffrey, "Did you hear that? I think it was Caillou saying we were going home."

"No," said Jeffrey. "I think he was just saying we are hiding under the table."

And then Caillou and his mom went out to get him a new hat. And then Jason and Jeffrey ran to their house.

Jason and Jeffrey took the roof with the chimney off, and they put an ice-cream sign on top of Caillou's house. And then, they put the chimney back on, and a window. But then it was so great. The ice cream was melting. And Jeffrey and Jason said, "Oh, no. We better get this ice-cream cone sign back onto the ice cream truck. Quick! Hurry!"

So they ran to the ice cream truck and put the ice cream sign back on the ice cream truck, fast as they could. And the ice cream cone sign went "Boink!"

And then Jason and Jeffrey ran back to their house. And then they would tell their mom about all the things they did. But their mom got cross. And they learned their lesson. And then they didn't do bad things any more.

The End

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