Kung Fu Panda (kfp_rawr) wrote,
Kung Fu Panda

Minecraft Comics: Perfect Poison and Say "Hi" to the Witch

Here are two of the latest Minecraft comics by KFP, starring Steve and Dave. First up, "Perfect Poison."

You can click on the images to see them bigger. A text version is below.
Block 1: Dave, a guy wearing a four-button shirt, stands inside a laboratory, with counters containing bottles of potions. He raises his arms and says, "Ha-ha, I love making poison potions!"

Block 2: Holding up a fizzy bottle with a skull and crossbones label on it, which means that it's a poison potion, Dave smiles an evil grin and says, "And I know just who to test this on."

Block 3: Dave jumps out of the front door that's labeled "KEEP OUT!" and which also has a radioactive symbol above it. He lands in a mine cart. As the mine cart rolls away with him inside, holding the potion, Dave laughs, "Ha-ha!"

Block 4: One minute later, Dave's mine cart comes to a sudden stop with a "screech!" sending Dave flying out of the mine cart. When Dave flies through the air, he accidentally lets go of his potion, and the potion ends up flying straight into a bird's mouth. Dave says, "No, I lost the poison!" while he looks up at the bird about to be poisoned.

Block 5: While Dave is still flying through the air, he says, "ButI do have some slowness." He throws a fizzy bottle full of a slowness potion, labeled with a heavy ball with a chain on it, towards Steve, an ordinary guy in a plain shirt.

Block 6: Dave continues falling toward the ground with the evil grin on his face as the fizzy bottle of slowness continues flying towards Steve. Steve looks at the bottle of Slowness heading straight for him and says, "Oh, crud."

Block 7: Dave finally hits the ground, flat on his face, and says, "Ooof!" The bottle of Slowness breaks against Steve with a crash, and Steve, in slow motion, says, "Hhooww... daaarre... yyoouu!"

Block 8: Dave pops his head back up with a smile and says, "Famous last words!" as Steve says, angrily, still in slow motion, "I-I-I hhaaate yyoouu!"

And now, "Say 'Hi' to the Witch."
Block 1: Two Minecraft villagers greet each other, one saying "Hmm!" and the other saying "Hur!"

Block 2: Suddenly, storm clouds appear above the villagers' heads, and a bolt of lightning zaps one of the villagers with a "ZAP!" The other villager says in surprise, "Hur!"

Block 3: The villager that got zapped by lightning suddenly turns into a witch and laughs evilly "MUR-HUR-HUR!" The other villager runs away and screams, "HUR!"

Block 4: One minute later, the witch sneaks up behind Dave, a guy in a four-button shirt, who is about to throw a poison potion at Steve, an ordinary guy in a plain shirt. Steve doesn't notice, because he is happily reading a book. The witch laughs, "He-he!"

Block 5: The witch suddenly grabs the poison out of Dave's hand and throws it at Steve and says, "Bye-bye!" Steve throws his arms up in the air, throwing his book out of view, and is very surprised as the poison is speeding towards him.

Block 6: Steve looks at the reader and says "Oh, crud!" as the poison is just about to hit him. Dave looks at Steve with an evil grin.

Block 7: The poison hits Steve with a smash, and because it's poison, he repeatedly says, "OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!" Dave says with his eyes closed, "Hi-5, Ms. Witch," as he's about to give the witch a high-five. The witch steps away from Dave.

Block 8: Dave falls flat on his face and says, "OOOF!" The witch smiles a big toothy grin and laughs: "He-he."
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