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Minecraft Comics: Explosive Prank and Roller-Coaster of Doom

KFP has been hard at work with a new comic series, based on the popular video game Minecraft! Let's kick it off with Minecraft Mini-Comic #1: Explosive Prank. As always, you can click on the photo for a larger image. The text version is below the image.

Block 1: An ordinary guy named Steve, wearing a plain shirt, has a package left for him by Dave, a guy in a mailman suit with four buttons down the middle. Dave says, "You have a delivery." Steve says, "Oh, goody!"

Block 2: Steve leans in close to the package that's labeled "FRAGILE" and says, "I wonder what it could be?" Dave swiftly runs away and laughs, "He-he!"

Block 3: Steve picks up the box and asks, "TNTco? Where's that?" He noticed the box is labeled, "From TNTco."

Block 4: Steve says, "Anyway, I got..." as he opens the box and flips it upside-down.

Block 5: Out of the box comes a bundle of TNT with a lit fuse. Steve drops the box and screams, "TNT!?!"

Block 6: Steve looks at the reader and says, "Oh, crud!" as the last of the TNT's fuse burns away.

Block 7: The TNT explodes with a big "KA-BOOM!" and ends up blowing the box out of view.

Block 8: There is smoke where the TNT used to be, and the dust clears and reveals Steve, covered in dust and ashes, looking angry. Dave pokes his head into view and says, "Famous last words" with a grin.
And now for another Minecraft Mini-Comic, "Roller-coaster of Doom."

Block 1: Dave, a guy with a four-button shirt, is standing at the beginning of a roller-coaster, speaking into a bullhorn. He says, "Step right up to this roller coaster of doo -- I mean, fun!" He has a big smile on his face. Steve, an ordinary guy in a plain shirt, looks at the roller coaster and says, "Ooo, fun!"

Block 2: Steve looks up at Dave and asks, "Could I ride?" And Dave replies, "Sure!" and ends up throwing the bullhorn out of view.

Block 3: Steve gets in a cart on the rails at the beginning of the roller-coaster. Dave jumps down from his little platform and says, "Bye-bye!" Steve says, "Wait -- WHAT!?" as Dave presses a button.

Block 4: The button triggers the cart to speed along the trackl with a "ZOOM!" Steve yells, "AAAHH!!!" and Dave yells, "Have fun!

Block 5: Steve's cart continues speeding along the track, and he sees a creeper riding in a cart that is heading towards his cart. Steve says, "A CREEPER!?!"

Block 6: Just as the carts are about to collide, the creeper's cart jumps over a bump in the track, and Steve looks toward the reader and says, "Oh, crud." The creeper flies out of the cart and hisses.

Block 7: The creeper explodes with a lot "KA-BOOM!" sound which ends up destroying some of the rails. Steve, who is covered in dust and ashes, falls out of his mine cart and screams, "I'm falling!"

Block 8: Steve lands on the ground with a "PLOP!" and Dave asks, "How was your ride?" Steve replies, "Horrible."

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