Kung Fu Panda (kfp_rawr) wrote,
Kung Fu Panda

The Grand Good-Bye

Note from alycewilson: All of KFP's creations have come out to say good-bye for this week's Idol Minor (therealljidol) entry, for the topic "Good-Bye." If you like, you can listen to KFP read his entry. As always, I've included the text first and then the artwork with a description. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

KFP often draws comics on his own. I will try to more regularly update this journal with his creations, so if you've enjoyed his works, please follow his journal.

"Hi, I'm Ben. Remember me? I'm the boy from Classroom Catastrophe. I'm the kid that tripped and fell over a big, giant green book. I hope that you liked my story!"

(In a robot voice): "Hi. I am Creeper-'Bot. Remember me from The Best Robot Ever? I am the robot that the comic was describing. Bye! I hope you thought my story was creeper-tastic!"

"Hi, I'm Toby. Remember me from Toby Monster's News Report? I'm the monster that was telling the news. Bye! I hope you don't think monsters are scary anymore! I'll miss you."

(Everyone together): "Byyyyyyyyye!"

From left to right are the protagonists of KFP's Idol Minor entries. At left is Ben, a boy with brown hair, wearing a blue shirt and dark blue pants. In the center is Creeper-'Bot, a blocky robot made out of Duplos, with red rectangular antennae that resemble rabbit ears, a window-frame face, a yellow and blue torso, red rectangular legs and a blue base with yellow wheels. At right is Toby Monster, who is just a little bigger than Creeper-'Bot. He has an oval, green and purple striped body with purple arms and green legs. Atop his head are two black antlers. He has a friendly face and a broad smile.

The three characters stand on a platform, and behind them is a bright blue sky with a big, arching rainbow. The entire picture is surrounded with a brown wooden picture frame.
Tags: artwork, idol minor, monsters, robots
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