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Classroom Catastrophe

A note from alycewilson: KFP still has more to complete with this comic, but he has to go to Cub Scouts and will finish it as soon as he returns home. I wanted to get the first part posted so that Gary can complete this week's poll.

ETA: It's done! Below is the complete story. He was so proud to get it finished and pleased with the end result! As always, you can click on the images for a larger version. I've transcribed all the words and provided visual descriptions below each page.

The title page: "Class Room Catastrafy" is written in block letters on bands of red. In the background are stripes of yellow and green.

Box 1: "One day, a 7-year-old boy named Ben walked..." Images: A boy in a blue shirt enters from the right, waving and saying, "Hiya, guys!" The teacher is wearing a red tie and stands at the blackboard. A student in a green shirt is at his desk, smiling.

Box 2: "... into his classroom. Then suddenly, he tripped over..." Images: The boy in blue trips over a large green book and says, "Whoa!" The teacher is writing on the board. The students notice and have exclamation points over their heads.

Box 3: "... a book! His backpack flew off him and the books..." Images: The boy in blue tumbles in an awkward cartwheel, screaming, "Help!" Books fly all around him in a circle. The student in green opens his mouth in surprise.

Box 4: "... inside it went EVERYWHERE! All the kids burst out laughing!!!" Images: The boy has landed on his butt, looking embarrassed. The teacher still writes on the board while the kids scream with laughter, "HA! HA! HA!"

Box 5: "Ben's friend, Mike, walked into the room." Images: A boy in a red shirt with black hair walks into the room with a smile on his face. Ben, the boy in blue, is frowning. The students are still laughing, "HA! HA"

Box 6: "'What happened?' asked Mike. 'Ben tripped and all...'" Images: The student wearing a green shirt is smiling broadly as he begins to answer Mike's question. Ben looks very sad, clutching his empty book bag. Mike is looking a little angry. The teacher is still unaware of the situation, simply writing happily on the blackboard.

Box 7: "... his books flew out of his backpack!" said a student. Images: A close-up of Michael, who is in the red shirt. He has a neutral expression on his face but is thinking, "Really?"

Box 8: "Mike replied, 'Well, if it's just that then why are you laughing?'" Images: The student in green, sitting at his desk, has dark clouds in his thought bubble, as if he is feeling bad, or perhaps angry. Ben, still standing amidst a pile of books, begins to smile and thinks, "Thank you." The teacher finally seems to notice the situation, waving at Michael, who is glaring at the boy in green.

Box 9: "'I'll help you clean up!' Mike said. 'Thank you,' said Ben." Images: A close-up of Ben, in blue on the left, and Mike, in red on the right. Both are now smiling broadly.

Box 10: The End. Images: Red and blue smiley faces next to each other with a faint red and blue smiley face behind them, linking the two together. KFP explained the smileys are red and blue to reflect the colors of the two friends' clothing.

Notes from alycewilson: KFP makes comics on his own on a regular basis now, without any assistance from me. Whereas in previous seasons of Idol Minor, I used to have to prompt him to, for example, find an ending, he no longer needs that sort of assistance. This week, all he really needed was to bounce ideas off me, ultimately coming up with his own narrative, from start to finish. I'm so pleased to see how much he's grown!
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